Since we last spoke

Just bringing you up to speed since our last summer communication so that this blog then functions as a more frequent and consistent peak into the happenings here at 38degreeesnorth.

After 4 weeks of intense 8 hour classroom lectures and teaching practice  + 3-4 hour homework sessions on a daily basis during the month of August, I survived the course that certifies one to teach English as a Foreign Language.  They call it the Cambridge CELTA,  and it’s recognized worldwide.  Kind of like the golden seal of approval for language schools that any teacher with the CELTA certificate was trained and passed quality control. I passed grade A that was welcomingly awarded with a job immediately following the course-as in- the next day!  It’s great how things work out like that.  Like they say, once you make the commitment to something, the rest falls into place.

So I am now an employee of International House, Lisbon, a 30+ year and running language school in Portugal, with a good reputation and an organized and accountable management: British. That means not only do I get paid on time, I get paid!   Thus far, I have taught numerous one-to-one individual lessons, have a middle school class of smart but chatty pre-teens at a local Catholic private school, and a new class of ‘business-English’ adults begins on Monday.  Outside of the schoolwork, I have a handful of my own students which I give one-on-one tutoring sessions to.  So far, so good.  I like my students and I am learning too.  The preparation is lengthy but does have a creative element to it.

Besides teaching I’ve been looking for other creative outlets and opportunities. Most recently I came upon one with a local magazine.  I wrote an article that was superbly translated into Portuguese by a stellar friend of mine on the Burning Man festival in Nevada.  It got a bit of buzz this year in Portugal and since Nevada is essentially my backyard I thought it would be an appropriate start.  Check out the article here:

And yes, I got paid for that too!  Not trying to emphasize the pay thing but honestly pickings are so slim in this country that anything and everything is worth noting!

Fall is now in full swing.  I’ve unpacked my winter clothes (if you can even call them that) and just put on a pair of socks that go up to my thighs under my jeans.  55 degrees outside and probably close to 63 in the house!  Brrrr.

As for the rest, well,  I’ll try to include those tid-bits on the main part of the blog.  Check back here and there and let me know what’s going on with you too!


~ by maureenmoore on October 31, 2008.

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