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Getting things done.  

I just read a fantastic post by a new travel soul-friend named Cynthia.  Cynthia and I met in Lisbon months ago-she was fresh out of  Boulder, CO embarking on a European adventure and we connected through our common friends Lara and Billy.  After giving Cynthia a little boost about where to wander in Lisbon on a grey and rainy Spring day, her initial neutrality for the city turned into a love-affair that recently just came to a close.  Cynthia has a facinating story and only she can do it justice, so I suggest you check out her own page, Journey JuJu.

Cynthia was part of my inspiration for starting my own blog.  She reminded me how rewarding it is to open yourself up, to the pages that you yourself choose, and to let the world come in to read. And that being vunerable in writing can be a rewarding gift, but one which you have to cultivate, be disciplined with, and explore.  Take risks and jump.

So the point of this post was really to link you to a specific post she recently wrote on GTD- Getting Things Done.  Enjoy it here

Here’s an excerpt:

This GTD compass often seems to be an unconscious drive. It’s similar to the Get There Fast drive, which I noticed overtook me whenever I got behind the wheel of a car. Somewhere, somehow, the Get There Fast and Efficiently compass made me drive fast, be rude to other drivers, and take on the illusion that me and my mission was more important than anyone else’s mission. When I realized I was operating unconsciously on this compass, I was then able to choose whether I wanted to Get There Fast or just drive in a calm and relaxed way…

And enjoy your own moments that are already filled with plenty.  Happy week ahead!  



~ by maureenmoore on November 23, 2008.

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