Nine degrees

Do you know how cold that is?  48 degrees Fahrenheit.  I don’t think my body knows how to function in such temperature.  In fact, I develop an allergic reaction.  My skin gets red and itchy, my nose bleeds, and I long  for baths in steaming hot water wherever I am.  You are thinking- what a wimp.  I know.  I am a self-proclaimed wuss.  Just have no tolerance.  Yesterday I bought a pair of $36 USD tights-made out of wool.  That’s the cost of a pair of pants!  Do they even sell things like that in SoCal?  I honestly didn’t really know what wool was until last year when I put my first wool sweater in the washing machine and it came out looking like I bought it for some 4-year-old child.  But wool works.  The tights were well worth the investment.

The weather seems to sneak its way into my body just as easily as it does into the house.  Any Lisbon apartment that hasn’t been renovated is teeming with cracks and crevasses that let the wind and everything it carries with it blow their way in.  Usually uninvited guests.  And should you invite the fresh air in, it comes unfiltered, as Europe does not use window screens as we do in the States.  It’s a whole different relationship with the elements.    Insulation is non-existent in the older residences due to the building materials that were employed after a catastrophic earthquake uprooted most of Lisbon’s infrastructure in 1755.  The city’s reconstruction included a new earthquake resistant building model which was comprised of rock and sand hard-packed into a triangular wood structure.  The perfect stuff to make holes in in order to hang pictures on the wall. Right! My apartment doesn’t have quite as much history as the last quake that rocked the city but it does have a few wrinkles, adding to the character, charm- and chill factor.

In the meantime, I need to find another way to generate body heat.  Tomorrow I’m hosting a Portuguese Thanksgiving lunch so that will be sure to keep us all cozy.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!  I hope you are enjoying left-overs and some good college football!  I’ll let you know how my improvised holiday meal turns out after eating it!  


~ by maureenmoore on November 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Nine degrees”

  1. Love the blog! How was the Portuguese Thanksgiving?

  2. hm-m-m… warmer weather; you know where to find it!
    Southern Calif!

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