Weapons of Precipitation

They are big, have pointy edges, are usually wet, and come in an array of different colors and patterns.  I have yet to see a duplicate of my purplish-magenta one on these streets.  They come out when the skies open up and pour wetness upon us.  We seek refuge under them.  At the expense of others.

Has anyone thought of creating an umbrella etiquette class?  Forget the etiquette and maybe just consider some rules of use? 

Imagine a narrow sidewalk, cobbled with slick stones, wide enough to permit a two person wide passing zone and narrow enough to quickly throw you down to the street when one of those people is using their rain weapon.  If you don’t watch out for the metal tips they will lash your eye out, snaggle your hair, rip your sweater or provoke some ridiculous survival-type gymnastic move in the most inopportune of moments. 

All I ask is that there is some collective awareness.  No sidewalk huggers.  No ego trippers. Size does matter on the sidewalks.  Beware of yours.   


~ by maureenmoore on December 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “Weapons of Precipitation”

  1. hi mosie. thanks for sending me your blog. i love it. you are a beautiful writer. i am sorry to hear that you are so cold. i just got home from the health club and it is a whopping 4 degrees!! however, my 48 year old body is used to going from zero to 100 degrees in a matter of months!! i hope your wool tights do the trick for you. love, big moe

  2. Get rid of umbrellas and start wearing hoods–less war, more peace 🙂

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