Back in action

Excuse the absence.  Wish I’d been up to no good but really I was just gettingmmm acquainted with the idea of winter hibernation.  With the holiday break came grey skies, blustery winds, cool temps and …leaks in my ceiling!  I myself remained dry, bundled in multiple layers to combat the chilling interior temps as strategically placed bowls were set up to collect the unwelcome precipitation in the house.  But that’s just part of the package when you pay a cheap rent.  The owner turns a blind eye to his property and expects you to simply make due.  Honestly though there was no major visible damage and in addition to the leaks, I ate my way through the holiday, hibernating as I mentioned above, but well fed.  Mundo is turning from closet-chef into resident go-to guy

 for the gourmet eats.  We enjoyed a mellow Christmas Eve meal here at the house with an eclectic, creative spread, followed by a seafood encore on New Year’s Eve at our friend’s home, sprinkled with other ‘tastings’ for birthdays and impromptu meals in between.  I diligently worked on a translation project for a Portuguese business man who needed his website translated into English, saw a few movies, welcomed Hannah to Lisbon, and Hannah at the Ginjinha placeconsequently fell ill with the flu along with the rest of the entire country.  A week later I’ve emerged, well into week 2 of our school term and struggling to remember to write ‘2009’ on the white board instead of 2008.  In the meantime, the country is aflutter with the nomination of Cristiano Ronaldo, the 23-year-old soccer jock, as the world’s best soccer player.  Who?  Just kidding.


 Happy 2009!  


~ by maureenmoore on January 13, 2009.

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