Meet my friends

Little do they know I’m posting them here, but I figure if we were all in the same place you WOULD in fact be seeing their face.   Every so often I’ll try and introduce you to a new friend so you can meet the people who make up my world over here in Lisboa.


My first friend: Rute Rosas


Dear Rute and I befriended each other through one of those lovely serendipitous moments, which in reality wasn’t so accidental but I just love that word serendipitous.  Rute’s and my meeting actually travels some 10 years back to when I was living in Chile and became friends with an Austrian girl named Monica.  Upon learning I was moving to Lisbon, she mentioned her best friend lived here and suggested I get in contact with her.  I did, and Patricia (the friend) is also a great person whom I no longer see much of since she moved back to Porto last year, her home city.  Meanwhile she invited me to her birthday party and I met Miss Rute.  Since then we’ve been great friends and Rute has showed and taught me much about her country and been a helping hand and voice for all of those moments when I have practical matters to solve and need a local’s help.  Beyond that practical stuff, she is a compassionate, intelligent woman who moved away from her 4-sibling family in the north to carve out a space for herself in the capital. She’s a super star computer programmer or something like that…she works for Accenture and pulls long hours solving programming problems.  Her job has enabled her to take trips outside of Portugal which has opened her heart and mind to other cultures.  We like going to the city’s vegetarian restaurants together, spending time on the beach, and will probably take a road trip together this upcoming Spring break.  It’s not easy to make Portuguese friends and many of my other foreign friends who are expats in Lisbon have not had the luck of making local friendships so I definitely feel blessed with Rute! 


~ by maureenmoore on March 1, 2009.

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