I love the way the universe loops people in and out of our lives.  Some are meant to be present just for split seconds.  They add extra glitter to fleeting moments, but often times they are those very moments that make for the stories you imagine telling your grandchildren one day.  The kind where they’ll be astonished that Granny actually lived through them.  And in those moments when we are living the experience, it often doesn’t make sense why that encounter is meant to be so short-lived.  Only with a bit of distance does it sometimes become clear, and even then, not always.

And then there are those few people you meet on the road who stay in touch over the years, despite time and distance.  There aren’t that many out there whose communication withstands all the obstacles of keeping in touch.  One special Pisces friend of mind, Hector, also known as Hectorcido, came into town last week and spent some time in my adopted home city with me.  I met Hector in 2001 in Guanajuato, Mexico when he and I both were temporarily living there, entertaining bar jobs and the city’s charm.  Originally from Chile, he kept Lara and I reminiscing and giggling with his Chilean slang and humor.

Hector is a modern day beatnik who meandered his way through the Americas, photographing and taking up odd jobs to fund his subsequent stop-overs.  He has been perfecting his craft since then and has managed to weave himself into the Parisian picture where he has lived for the past seven years.  I admire Hector’s persistence and determination to follow his inspiration and to put himself into the universe and make the most of what it gives back.  You can check out some of his work here

Toasting friends

With birthdays one day apart, we’ll raise our glasses together next week before he flies back to his adopted homeland.  


~ by maureenmoore on March 2, 2009.

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