Thirty candles!


Fire it up!

Fire it up!

Obrigada for the birthday wishes!  The Portuguese say “Parabens”…which means congratulations!  You’ve made it this far!  Well if the 30s can be even half as amazing as my 20s I’d say I’m a lucky girl.  Celebrating a birthday abroad means missing out on the usual birthday phone calls but it affords a sort of double birthday…local party and love and then at the very end of the day or even the next day…the messages from another time zone roll in.  I can’t complain 😉   

Wednesdays happen to be my longest day of the week.  I start at 10am with an adult English class on-site at a company, followed by a teacher training session at International House.  I break for lunch before heading off to the Jr. High where I try to teach admist pre-teen urges to speak and steal erasers every 5 minutes, before heading home for a break and then my final class of the day, and my favorite, Business English from 7:30-9:00 pm.  

But my birthday was broken up with lots of love between classes…a birthday lunch with Ana and Camilla – grilled dorado for 6€ served outside on the patio…yes, the sun is finally shining here!  Then upon entering my teens class, they surprised me with a chocolate cake, coke, chips and gummy candies!  And the little buggers patiently waited until I served all 9 slices of the cake and ate the first bite before devouring it themselves.  This was more of a gooey mouse type cake, eaten without forks from napkins, imagine!    There went the lesson plan, oh well.  

Then after my Business English class I enjoyed a delicious dinner with Mundo, Camilla, and Rute at a restaurant I took my parents to when they were here awhile ago…Senhora Mãe.  This is the kind of place where they remove the fish head, tail, and skin before serving it to you.  We had excellent food accompanied by vinho verde and then topped it off with a chocolate cake Camilla had brought to the restaurant.   Perfect.  

So what’s in store for 30?  I have to admit that almost everyone I am around here is older than me, so I feel great…like I’m the young one of the group and still have (plenty?) of time to figure it all out.  Going to try and have some fun while I do that.  















~ by maureenmoore on March 13, 2009.

3 Responses to “Thirty candles!”

  1. que chida la foto…

    yo tabien lo pase bien apagando mi pollo en flamas….
    ….no recibi tu mensage telefonico…..
    mmmm, que pena, mi coneccion telefonica es horrible…

    pues, buena continuacion. yo me voy a correr….

  2. viste a que hora subiste tus fotos???
    buena senal

  3. Okay … just in English for this old auntie of yours.

    “… put another candle on your birthday cake, and when you do — a wish you’ll make. Put another candle on your birthday cake you’re another year wiser today!”

    Blissful Birthday Wishes to YOU!!!

    Much love,
    Auntie Carol

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