Meet Camilla

Camilla is one of those people who ceases to amaze me.  Her dreams and creativity have no limits, and with leaps and bounds she has colored quite a canvas here in Lisbon.  Well, given that she is a photographer that analogy probably isn’t the most apropos.  camilla1

Miss Camilla Watson is my true friend here, the one I can pretty much do anything with, say anything to.  We met at a party my first year here through a mutual friend and ever since have supported each other and laughed our way through this journey. Camilla owns a flat in a four story building in a historic picturesque part of town which she remodeled last year.  With significant help from her buddy, Don Quixote, a sociable and lovable Portuguese water dog, the two of them have befriended everyone in the neighborhood plus some. In addition to her flat, Camilla also built a workshop/laboratory space  in the same building which she\’s used to host a few art shows and teach the neighborhood kids pin-hole photography.  Her home turf in the UK is close enough to allow her to take trips home when the moment calls and keep up with contacts and projects there every now and then.  Next month she is off to Mozambique to shoot a festival that another photographer friend organizes and is exhibiting in.  

And the next time you hear me saying lovely!  brilliant! you know where I’ve gotten it from.  


~ by maureenmoore on March 19, 2009.

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