Catch me on Portuguese TV!

This past Sunday a small interview aired on RTP2, one of the national television stations, about my journey to Portugal and what I’ve been up to.  Take a look here but fast forward to the 18:39 minute mark to see my spot.  It is in Portuguese but you might pick up a thing or two.  I speak about the Spotted by Locals project and my involvement in it.  This is all thanks to our producer friend Kattia who arranged for me to be on her show Nós (Us) which focuses on culture and immigration in Portugal.


~ by maureenmoore on March 25, 2009.

One Response to “Catch me on Portuguese TV!”

  1. I saw it on Sunday, 3/29 and could understand (I think?) that you were speaking of Los Angeles as not having as much history as Lisbon; Obviously, I caught the words “Los Angeles” and “International House” as you said them in English!, but it was great to see you and the streets of Lisboa. Love, Auntie TFJ

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