Friday night in Santos

We finally left the house around 10pm last night to go get dinner. I had been helping Mundo with an Internet order for some film supplies he’s having shipped to the Açores for his upcoming 5 week film project. He had yet to pack his bags for tomorrow’s departure but our stomachs told us it was time to eat!

We walked our way up the main road, Dom Carlos, as the soles of our feet sounded and stuck against the sticky sidewalk, fresh with the new sap of the almost flowering jacaranda trees. I’ve been anxiously waiting for this moment, giddy with anticipation of my purple treat to come. Within a few days, the entire street will be gorgeously draped with a purple umbrella of dark-lilac colored jacaranda flowers, a surreal color palate with the strikingly clear Lisbon sky peaking through the gaps in the branches. I will feast on this color explosion for about 2 or 3 weeks before they all drop to the ground, sprinkling our walkway with purple confetti, either seen as a royal welcome to the upward walk towards the stately white National Assembly building on the corner, or as a festive downward visit to the Tejo river meeting the street at the base of Dom Carlos.

In the darkness of the night, we only felt the presence of this soon to be arriving guest, as our shoes were smothered with the sap. We arrived at a small and somewhat hidden French café, located on the R/C (res do chão), or basement level of the street, directly across from the National Assembly, some 5 minutes from our house. There we enjoyed a glass of red wine from the Ribatejo region of Portugal, which follows the south-eastern border of the Tejo river. I ordered a chicken pie type thing and Mundo the duck with ginger and honey. The food ended up not being so special but the evening was pleasant and on our way back home we marveled at the hoards of teenagers packed in and around the many bars that dot our neighborhood, chatting and politely drunk, stringing themselves out into the streets. The Santos neighborhood is known for accommodating the slightly-under drinking-age-crowd and our weekend nights are always accompanied with the giggles and shouts of the kids enjoying themselves in the street below.



~ by maureenmoore on May 9, 2009.

One Response to “Friday night in Santos”

  1. I was just thinking of Fullerton’s own jacaranda-canopied “shady lane” before checking your blog — seriously. Lovely minds think alike. Love, Auntie

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