Happy Birthday, Mama!


~ by maureenmoore on May 20, 2009.

4 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Mama!”

  1. Happy Birthday, Janboo!

    No way would anyone be able to tell you’re beginning your 60th year with this photo as evidence. Many, many happy returns (what the heck does that mean — “many happy returns?” ). Here’s to you getting gifts you’d like to return? Oh well, just enjoy your birthday season. LOVE, TFJ

  2. Happy Birthday Janet- I know you must be getting those birthday wishes because I haven’t been able to sing the Sheriff John Birthday Song to you yet! Or wait a minute, maybe you have caller id and know its me calling to sing you the Sheriff John Birthday Song? So put another candle on your caka and Paarrtay like the Big Girls!!! Love, Anne (in case you really didn’t look at caller id)

  3. Happy birthday, again, Janet–you look great and oh-so-young and BEAUTIFUL! I’m going to look just as beautiful when I grow up! I like Tricia’s comment, to enjoy more than the day; enjoy the season! Many, many more. Love, Mary Ann

  4. Thank you sistahs for the birthday wishes!
    Y muchas gracias para mi hijita por la photographia.

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