Os muros que choram

My walls cry and my floor …well, it shines because it’s emersed in water!  The title in Portuguese sounded much more poetic than the reality of my drenched living room at this moment.  After three hours of a torrential downpour, four leaks, a completely WET living room floor and displaced items seeking protection, I think we are slowly, slowly coming out of the worse.  However, after placing one bowl after the next in each new water entry, I realized that as I glanced at the terra-cotta painted walls, it wasn’t simply the glistening of the candle light that reflected off of their matte surface.  

There were in fact, tears.  Long ones. My entire wall is dripping with long wet locks, of water.  I hope the ceiling doesn’t cave in.  Haha.  It’s always good to have a bit of ridiculous humor in moments like this.  And truthfully that’s why I’m writing a blog entry instead of mopping up.  I just mopped.  And it didn’t help a thing.  I’ve removed the power cord extension out of harm’s way and have refrained from turning on the living room ceiling lights, through which water is streaming, among the other spots.  It truly is quite a sight, one that a camera certainly couldn’t capture nor my own true eyes in this dark night.  I guess the damage will only reveal its wrecked face the day after.  Not sure I’ll have the remedy to conceal.  I’ve run out of towels to soak up the mess.

Meanwhile you are asking about my landlord.  Heck, me too!  I live in Portugal 🙂  I pay cheap rent.  I, like many others, deal with …life’s inconveniences.  It’s kind of analogous to the grin and bear it mentality. Except in Portugal, remove the grin and replace with…grim.  That was quite low of me.   After more than two years I think I’m entitled to make a judgement like that though.   

In the meantime, it’s a few minutes before midnight and I’m waiting for my fins.  Scales have already emerged and are ready for immersion.  Sweet swimming and good night.


~ by maureenmoore on May 23, 2009.

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