Fit for a feast


Visual poetry

Visual poetry

Sunday is family day  in Portugal. Family day is a meal day.  Lunches that linger into tea-time (lanche) and blur into dinner. Unlike some other Latin countries, the Portuguese have a proper (large) lunch and a proper (large) dinner. They also manage to squeeze in a late afternoon snack called ‘lanche’ which is coffee and some sort of pastry or cake.   The visual impact of this ‘family day’ is, in Lisbon, manifested by a total absence of people on the streets, closed shops and restaurants, empty buses and simply an overall ghost town feeling at times.  Everybody is inside eating.  Or they’ve left the city to enjoy a second home elsewhere in the surrounding countryside.   Today I had the treat of being invited to Kattia’s Mexican brunch.  The above photo is the postcard perfect view she has from the window of her fourth floor apartment building in the historic part of town. She decided that since I was ‘half-mexican’ I qualified to partake in her sumptuous spread.   We feasted on mimosas, pancakes, quiche, quesadillas with salsa and jalapeños, beans, arroz con leche, fruit, and…instant café de la olla.  Yes, they’ve made a powered instant mix, available in Mexico, and honestly it takes like the real deal.     And as if that wasn’t enough to cover me for the rest of the day… A Brazilian friend/student invited me for the above mentioned ‘lanche’ to celebrate a Brazilian holiday which is based on the upcoming Portuguese holidays this week.  This next week, there are 3 holidays (days off!) in which the city and country celebrates two saints and the day of Portugal.  And in Brazil, to commemorate (their winter) they have a small celebration by the warmth of a fire eating cake and coffee.  So…I tasted four different cakes that Raquel baked- corn cake, guava/corn cake, Brazilian cheese cake and chocolate cake.  Whew.  I feel fat just listing all of that.   The time flew and before I knew it I had spent 9 hours of my day…eating.  Well, socializing.  But food was the centerpiece.  A well spent Sunday 😉


~ by maureenmoore on June 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Fit for a feast”

  1. Yummy! This post needs a warning: Don’t read if you’re hungry.

  2. Love the idea of eating or as you called it socializing for 9 hours on a Sunday!!! Wish I could do that. The photos are beautiful as are the descriptions . I am still waiting for the “purple flower”shot please.

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