School’s out for summer (almost)

Here they are.  The little buggers.  Class is over for them and I’ve just finished writing their year end reports. “They” are Duarte, Bernardo, Frederico, Francisco, Margarida, Sofia, Alexandra, and Ines.  Not that you needed to know their names however every Portuguese child born here has to be named from a list of state approved names.  Aka having some biblical, Catholic affiliation.  So my name doesn’t exist on ‘the list’.  Sorry if this is repeat info.  I just find it quite  incredible.  

Still have 3 more classes until next week when it’s all over.  Company bbq on Saturday.  Will probably get to talk to some of the teachers I haven’t seen all year!  With a very varied schedule we are all in and out of the office at haphazard times.  

Tonight is a bit cooler than the last few.  This might mean relief from the melgas.  The melgas are super sized mosquitos that creep into my room through the screen-less door/windows.  It’s also what you call a really annoying person.  Last week I woke up with a big red bump between my eyes.  The malicious man-eater had gotten me in my beauty sleep and made me wake up looking more like the beast!  Now I apply some eco-friendly spray before dreaming.


~ by maureenmoore on June 22, 2009.

One Response to “School’s out for summer (almost)”

  1. Your name is a derivative of Mary from the Celtic/Gaelic culture.

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