Jammin’ with Jenny

My cousins’ journey jump started into gear after Saturday morning breakfast at mine with a jaunt over to the nearby neighborhoods of Madragoa, Campo do Ourique and Estrela.  Their first eléctrico tram experience started before they even got on the thing, as I made them run(uphill) to catch it!  

We cruised over to a beautiful mausoleum style cemetery named “Prazeres (pleasures)”.  From there we saw the Basilica da Estrela, had our first beer of the day with some roasted chicken, turnovers, and duck rice, then made it to the Roman ruins museum and Cathedral of the city on the other side of town before returning home for an afternoon nap.  Back out and at it around twilight to catch the boat to cross the river for a splendid view of Lisbon from the south bank, and dinner at a Brazilian restaurant that made us wait forever but pleased the taste buds with some indulgent cheese bread and vinho verde.  

On Sunday we all had the treat of attending a locals only fado concert in a community hall in a very traditional neighborhood of Lisbon (thank you, Camilla!).  Crammed into a salon room hung with pictures of fado singers now past,  smelly old folks, a few young ones, and us, we lamented, drank, and contemplated our way through four hours of music that embodies this country like no other monument or souvenir.  The singers embark on this lyrical  journey with solemnity , stretching and bending the letters and syllables of the melodramatic stanzas into shapes and sounds that paint the air with ‘saudade’…nostalgia of past loves, souls lost at sea, and entangled sentiments that hang from the city’s dimly lit lanterns.

          “Lisboa, poema do passado”

“it begins on the moon…”

        “for me you give everything, but i don’t love you at all…”

             “i need to see you to flee from my suffering…”              

It was accompanied with Super Bock beer and blood sausage,  sequined black scarves and loud-mouthed talkers who were abruptly silenced if caught speaking while singing was taking place.  

Our evening was topped with grilled dorado fish  and ….s’mores at our place!  Perhaps a “5th of July” day celebration Lisbon style, thanks to the marshmallows Jenny brought over.  I indulged in one of my childhood favorite desserts and taught Mundo about the pleasures of bonfire treats in our urban apartment setting.img_1447




~ by maureenmoore on July 6, 2009.

One Response to “Jammin’ with Jenny”

  1. I’m tasting, sipping and sensing along with you all. Keep the poetic descriptions coming. Love, Peace & more Lisboa lore ~Auntie TFJ

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