Roll with the flow

I’m trying!  I horizontally launched myself down this dune near Carrapateira in southern Portugal a few weeks ago on our camping trip and rolled, bumped, ate sand, and laughed at my foolishness along the way.  Hours later I was still feeling gritty grains of sand in my pants which helped me savor the moment once more.  

This picture is quite indicative of my current state.   Bumpy, gritty, awkward movement, sideway perspectives, dizziness, sporadic moments of laughter followed by tears.  Moving from my own country to a foreign one seemed to be so much easier than moving from a foreign country back to my own.  And I haven’t even moved yet so that statement is even premature but it seems that way so far.    Severing the ties can seem so overwhelmingly permanent and daunting.  The distance.  The lifestyle.  The people.  All part of our collective moments.  Chapters ending and beginning.  Turning the page.  

Castles made of sand melt back into the sea.  


~ by maureenmoore on July 31, 2009.

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