I luv 71˚ H2O

My first days back were full of rediscoveries.  After a brown, hazy Los Angeles sky welcome, I reunited with some of the flavors I had been missing…tomatillo salsa, enchiladas, and a $ 4.50 Negra Modelo, ouch!  Beer bottles in Portugal were going for $1.50.  Evidently this cost cutting decision has already been made for me!  From Mexican food it was straight to my car for a little beach cruise- checking out the pier and the waves at T-street. I rediscovered that rubbery yellow-brown seaweed, the kind that I used to love squeezing the bubble drop pieces until you heard them POP! and splatter you with salt water.  I breathed in the delicious smell of coconut surf wax and saw little squirrels running about.  I’d forgotten about all these little things that hadn’t been part of my world on the Atlantic.  These and the passersby who smile, hearing the word ‘rad’ and laughing at the idea of personalized license plates.  The grass is a lot greener here.  No, literally.  These lawns are…remarkable.  Who said SoCal is in a draught?  And the air conditioning…I need to wear a winter suit when walking into the supermarket.

Aside from the rediscoveries and observations I’ve managed to unpack my bags of clothing, placing it in whatever empty drawers are available around the house.  Haven’t made plans of any sort.  Just going to lay low, ride my bike, and frolic in the waves for a bit.  Looking forward to reacquainting with everyone free from the pressure of time or an impending departure date.

Happy to be back on Pacific Standard Time!


~ by maureenmoore on August 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “I luv 71˚ H2O”

  1. welcome back mo! can’t wait to see you. maybe a trip to diddy can be worked into the plan?

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