Tchau, Spotted by Locals

This week I bring you the last installment of my articles on the travel blog, Spotted by Locals.  No longer a Lisbon resident, I’ve had to renounce my affiliation to the ‘spotters’ team and wave my 27 posts good-bye.  In a few days my contributions will be removed to make way for a new spotter’s articles.   So, I invite you to take one last look at my posts, peer into my adopted city’s special places, and leave any comments you would like.   While you’re at it,  click on an advertisement or two on the side margins to help the site generate a bit of financial support.  Thanks!  

Spotted by Locals is an independent initiative by a young Dutch couple, Sanne and Bart, who quit their day jobs to launch the first ever locals-driven travel blog.  Their enthusiasm for the project and commitment to personally meet all of their contributing writers helped them recruit a massive collection of spirited locals who, for free, wrote about their local city spots from an insider’s perspective.  Over 100 writers now contribute on 22 European cities.  They’ve gained a lot of international support along the way in the form of web awards and publicity.  Just over a year and a half old, the site is now focusing on securing some substantial advertisers to help bring in a bit of cash for the dedicated crew of writers and producers.

Bookmark the site so you can reference it in the future before taking a European trip to get the scoop on some of the best city spots to visit!  I had a fun time collaborating with Spotted by Locals. I hope you enjoy your virtual travel.

*Bonus question: who can tell me who is pictured in the Cafe do Monte photo?


~ by maureenmoore on October 12, 2009.

7 Responses to “Tchau, Spotted by Locals”

  1. i’m going to guess. . .your cousin? i think you blogged about their visit . . .?

  2. Hi Maureen,

    It’s sad to have your great articles and beautiful pictures go from the Lisbon cityblog… But as you know, to guarantee all is kept up to date, it’s the only option…

    Thanks so much for your great support and all your fantastic help with many other things. You were a fantastic Spotter!

    All the best from Lisbon, where we found some nice new Spotters. We hope they’ll write about some of your favorite spots. We even found a park-lover!

  3. I thought Bart and Sanne were Dutch :))

  4. Oh goodbye Maureen and thank you!! I loved visiting Lisbon while following some of your tips!!

    Are you moving to somewhere else in Europe… so maybe you’ll re-join the team for some other very nice articles??

    See you soon
    Brussels Spotter

  5. it’s me! it’s me!! enjoying one of the more memorable meals in my lifetime.

  6. Well Morenita, your texts are alive, this is no longer the window where we can know what’s happening in this old Lisbon, but I hope for a more personalized space where you can give continuity to your panorama / text. I like to read you and I think this is my real english lesson … bexoxo, mundods.

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