Today is BAD: Blog Action Day 2009!

Today, October 15th, blogs all around the world are blogging about Climate Change.   This massive global effort has been launched to get people talking and to start acting.

Since this is a personal blog with no specific agenda, I’m just going to touch on a few ideas I think are worth sharing and I encourage you to share some of yours with me so we can pool together our ‘action’ ideas and join in this effort together.

As a lead in, you might have noticed the title of my blog, O Estado do Tempo.  I chose this title for its duality, -the state of time- or –the state of the weather-.  For me, someone whose moods and energy are completely dependent upon the weather, the two ideas are synonymous.  You need not ask me how I am…look at the weather and you’ll most likely get your answer! This not so subtle relationship the weather (and time) has with me is a good reminder about how paramount the health of the world’s climate is to humanity.  If something affects me on such a small, trivial level, how is it affecting billions of people on a much larger scale?

These are some tiny little steps I’ve been enacting that contribute a wee bit to the big picture:

  • Collect running water from the tap while you are waiting for it to get warm.

The dishes need warm washing water but the tap can’t warm up that quickly.  Get a big bottle to collect the cold water  while you wait and then use it to water the plants with later. (Thanks, mom!)

  • Extra recycle bag in the bathroom.

I noticed most of my bathroom waste is recyclable- paper rolls from the toilet paper, empty plastic bottles from shampoo, deodorant, etc.  This stuff needs to be recycled too!  Keep an extra bag in the baño to make it a no-brainer.

  • European style grocery shopping: only buy what you can carry home!

This means more trips to the market, but at least you are finishing off everything you buy and not wasting unused items that perish.

  • Toilet flushing conservancy

This is no novelty to you, but I realized how much I flush when unnecessary!  The Europeans have a two button flush system- one for liquids/one for solids.  Since most U.S. toilets don’t…in the privacy of your own home…conserve!  Or multi-task and use the shower!

  • Be conscious of your food decisions.

Are you eating fish that is over-fished?  Is it okay to eat cod and tuna?  Check out these fish facts. And what about moothane emissions from cows?  Are there alternatives to those gassy pieces of beef?

Share your ideas!

~ by maureenmoore on October 15, 2009.

One Response to “Today is BAD: Blog Action Day 2009!”

  1. Thanks for the great reminders. I’m happy to report I’ve been doing all of them for 20+ years.

    An idea that just started taking root in Mill Valley is people who have unused food in their gardens (all those great fruit trees, berry bushes, overabundance of summer tomatoes … etc.) get together at a local park 1x/week and do a food exchange. Taking the “act locally …” motto to heart!

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