Either it’s the two double macchiatos I drank this morning (count: 4 espressos) or the energy from my friends that has still got me buzzing into the night hours.  After a four day visit to my old ‘hood up in L.A., which mainly included reconnecting with friends, I’m invigorated by all of that positive, powerful connection.

It’s not so common to have the space or time in one’s life to fill up four consecutive days with visits to your best friends and favorite coffee shops, so discounting the uniqueness of this privilege for the time being and just focusing on everything else, I can say that PLAY and PEOPLE are what makes our lives so powerful.

Perhaps I’m still filling up the well of a depleted stock of smiles and stories, or at least balancing it out now between the physical and virtual, but I’m certainly reveling in this special time of reconnecting and really understanding how community is paramount to a life of abundance and happiness.

Being away not only exposed me to a unique and different way of communicating with people from home, it also put me in the position to create my life from scratch, sola. Having no one else other than myself to rely on, I had to fly sola in order to figure things out and self motivate to first survive, and then try and thrive.  The taxing work of getting basic things accomplished that one would not think twice about in one’s own country- because of the intrinsic network of family and friends who directly and indirectly support one’s efforts along the way- suddenly becomes overwhelming and exhausting at times because of the absence of that built-in community.  So often it is only in those challenging moments that we have the opportunity to realize how supported we are by our community in our regular, perhaps even mundane environment, and how they facilitate our forward movement in ways we had never contemplated.  Beyond the support for those survival-mode necessities, are, of course, many layers of rich relationship goodness that connect us to interesting projects, ideas, and more relationships that foster this on-going game of life.    We are in it together and I am so blessed to have such an amazing community at home, as well as many miles from it.

Eastside energy


~ by maureenmoore on October 21, 2009.

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