The Search

Life is quite possibly an eternal search.  Always looking for that next element to satisfy a need, fulfill our curiosity, quench a desire.  It’s the human condition.  Never content, eternally seeking.  Well my current search is very similar to what many people are searching for right now.  Employment!  In this case, my unemployed status is quite different than that of my fellow Americans in that I resigned from a job, moved countries, and returned to my homeland.  Starting anew and fresh with foreign perspective, I can say that my search has already been quite fulfilling, despite the lack of leads and almost empty job boards.  This search has been a sort of reeducation in what is out there, who’s involved, and in the mechanisms that make it all move. Quite stimulating considering I just came from a country the size of Los Angeles!

I am focusing on work within the non-profit sector and philanthropic organizations focused on humanitarian missions, international education and mentorship, and cultural arts programs.  Even though most of these organizations are not hiring at this exact moment, it is just amazing to see the sheer volume of incredibly passionate and productive organizations working to make a positive change in society and the lives of others.  Through my travels, I have found that philanthropy, volunteerism, and community engagement are all particularly American initiatives.  Nowhere else have I experienced such an individual responsibility, almost intrinsically engrained in the culture, to be involved like Americans are in this regard.  (I am clearly not talking about political engagement because in that camp the apathy far outweighs activity.)  Whether it’s a group of parents who join together as a team to spend some hours at their child’s school gardening and painting, or monthly beach clean-ups organized along the entire coast of California by concerned citizens, or those who financially support cultural arts, scientific and educational institutions, we are by far leading the way.  (Note to reader: none of this is based on factual evidence, just on my own subjective observation!)  One positive attribute about our culture is that we are initiative-takers, seeking to fulfill a need in society however possible, and not waiting for our government or someone else to do it.  And frankly, as the need simultaneously grows with the incapacity of the state to service its population, it will be these very initiatives that keep the country afloat in our near future.

So as I continue my own search, I’m also getting involved in some volunteer opportunities which will connect me to new communities and enriching experiences.  Look for upcoming posts about my involvement with Write Girl, an organization empowering Los Angeles’ teenage girls through writing.

As for all of the seekers, I’m sending out good job juju to you, that we may find what lights our fire and exercises our passion, or at least comes close to it!


~ by maureenmoore on November 17, 2009.

5 Responses to “The Search”

  1. I love your spirit! You’re an encouragement to others.


  2. Dear Mosita (i like it),

    Well, well put and from your perspective, I learned two things: Portugal is the size of L.A. and the US of A is somewhat unique for a GOOD thing — the self-reliant, Puritan (timely) ethic of taking care of what needs to be done. I also must congratulate you on the “good job juju” term. I’ll use it and give you credit.

    One copyedit note: change “it’s” to “its” in the phrase “service it’s population.”

    L,P & L (and good job juju), ~TFJ

  3. Hi Maureen! What a pleasure it is to read about your current thinking and searching. I am a big fan of Joseph Campbell, and often call his “Follow your bliss” guidance to mind in my own life. It sounds like you are in the right place to find work that will engage your passions and your experience. You have so much to offer! It is just a matter of time. Your volunteering with Write Girls sounds great, too. I will keep sending you good job juju and look forward to hearing about your own journey. Much love, Amy

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