A Whole New Mind

Imagine walking into the second-hand bookstore to pick up a few used books.  Somehow the ‘ooks’ get exchanged for the ‘rains’ and you realize you are in the used brains store!  Isles of brains, left ones, right ones, smooth ones, smart ones.  It’s a trade-in.  You turn yours in and get to pick a new one.  A used one.  A new-used brain.  What’s your pick?  What qualities would it have that yours might not?  What part of yours would you most like to get rid of?

Some argue that we only use some 10% of our brain’s capacity, leaving us to wonder what that other 90% is doing.   Well we clearly need it for something otherwise we wouldn’t have it.  So try this on for fit.  We are already equipped with all of the brainpower we need.  We just aren’t utilizing it to its potential.  Time to wake up those other parts from siesta and get to some seriously new creative thinking!

In this job search of mine I’ve come across many new tidbits of info and websites, tangents and connections and simply a network of just really cool stuff.  One click leads to the other.  Most recently I landed upon author Daniel Pink and his “A Whole New Mind:  Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age.”  His online interview with Oprah was so impressive that it pushed me to the library the next day to pick up the book.  Apparently it came out in 2006 and I’m just a little late to catch up.  You can catch one of his more recent talks on TED.

Mr. Pink (he is already in touch with his feminine side, no?) argues that we are shifting out of the left-brain dominated era that was all about automation, technology and logical thinking and into more of a right-brain era.  The right brain helps with the holistic approach to life and its complexities.  He proceeds to illustrate how the development and emphasis of six main aptitudes-dominant within the right brain-will help us transition and excel both in professional and personal pursuits in this new era.  These are the aptitudes that can’t be outsourced to Asia nor automated and that fulfill a need which transcends the current age of abundance.

The book is a great read and gives a bunch of fun and interesting tips on how to cultivate these six aptitudes.  In thinking about his argument and the aptitudes, I pondered how they played out in my recent living experience in Portugal.  In many ways it was my ‘new conceptual age’ and I definitely got some input for my new mind from it!  I thought it would be a fun and creative challenge for me to share pieces of my journey with you as they pertain to these six aptitudes that Mr. Pink promotes.  You’ll get them one at a time and in the meantime, if you run out to read the book, feel free to chime in with comments or observations.  Would love to create a dialogue about “A Whole New Mind.”  I’m already trying mine on to see how it fits.


~ by maureenmoore on November 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “A Whole New Mind”

  1. Very cool!

  2. Great stuff! This hard-core left-brainer is very much looking forward to your “six aptitudes” installments!

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