Part one in a series of six posts on my experience with the high-concept, high-touch aptitudes presented in Dan Pink’s A Whole New Mind, that are needed to bring us into the new conceptual era.  Check the previous post for background.

In our age of automation and abundance, design is one component that can’t be outsourced or produced solely by technology.  Design brings beauty and meaning to utility.  It enhances our lives and differentiates products and services that strive to stand out from the next, as quality and price no longer compete as the sole selection criteria by the consumer.  Design has demonstrated healing potential in health care facilities, it’s inspiring kids to stay in school, and changing the way major industries do business.  In fact, Pink argues that the MFA is the new MBA.  Design takes function to the next level and creates greater significance.

For me, the magic of Europe is its design.  Everything is beautiful. Handrails, street lights, sidewalks, pillars, mailboxes.  What might be considered mundane and purely functional is instead dressed pretty, giving one reason to admire its elegant functionality.  Construction is thoughtful and creative.

The sidewalks in Lisbon never stopped amazing me.  Each neighborhood is crafted in different black and white patterns.  Hand laid stones count the feet that pass over them, and collect the history that is embedded into them.  My design post is a visual walk down some of those very sidewalks.  Every day, I took a moment to appreciate the beauty I was walking on.  Enjoy the journey!


~ by maureenmoore on December 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “Design”

  1. Lovely display of walking paths! They would be stimulating to see each day. And you and Pink are right about each of us having our own design intuitively within us. Nobody can out-source that!! Thank goodness.

  2. Nice photos. I’d like to see more of that in LA. Maybe along sections of the LA River Walk which sounds like a great idea to me. Thanks.

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