Painting the colors of the canvas

A splash of gritty city noise on my skin, a taste of delicious poetry, a dedicated gaze of laughter, and the fragrance of a sensual shimmy lingers on my body.

Poetry is a clear expression of mixed feelings,

said our facilitator at the Write Girl poetry workshop on Saturday.

80 girls, 80 women mentors, and a handful of professional poets.   Mini writing exercises prompted us to explore alliteration, metaphor, and slanted rhyme.  We played with our senses, trying to impregnate the page with touch, scent, taste.  The girls discovered a box of golden treasures with the movement of their pen; they can move mountains with their words.

Sometimes all it takes is a moment to experience your senses.  Exiting one of L.A.’s anything but a ‘free’ways on my way to the poetry workshop, time was consumed by the drone of the noisiest silent city markers: exhaust, traffic lights, billboards, grey concrete.  Shining through the clutter stood the shiny silver cart of the corner fruit man that stole my attention.  The colors of the fruit in his mobile mart lured me off the monotoned lane I was on and pulled me next to his metallic square sculpture.  For a bag of fruit. Cucumbers verdes, cantaloupes anaranjados, mangos amarillos, jicamas blancas, pineapples amarillos, watermelons rojos, and coconuts castaños.  I was treated to the most luscious bag of sweet juicy goodness in the most unassuming of places (the side of an asphalt lot and an Arco station). Those colors and their taste pulled me into my senses in my moment of hurried-rush to make it to my destination on time.

From fruitful poetry to some live indy rock and a leisurely dinner with lovely friends and a dessert of laughter (ok, that was alliteration right there), my day couldn’t really be topped.  Yet a surprise session of Sunday evening belly dancing presented itself in the bonus round of this plentiful weekend.  A first for me, and hopefully not a last, my hips tried to keep up with the jingle-jangle of jewels on the scarf around my waist.  After awhile I couldn’t really tell the direction in which things were moving, however East-West is clearly favored in this gorgeously sensual and feminine dance.   I recommend getting lateral.

And the weekend comes to a close but I am reminded how rich our moments are when we indulge our senses.

Make today a 5 for 5.


~ by maureenmoore on February 1, 2010.

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