Lovely discovery

Stepping away from my desk to catch the last bit of late afternoon light,  I ventured across the street to the empty lot (also known as The Bluff)-the one that has miraculously maintained its emptiness for the almost 30 years I have lived here.  This lot allows the eye stretch over the Pacific blue, south to Cotton’s Point, the southern boundary of San Clemente, and north to the headlands in Dana Point.  The length of my entire town can be captured in this panoramic view from The Bluff.  Recent rains have left The Bluff with muddy patches and tiny new pockets of bright green grass and beautiful yellow sour grass flowers.  Doesn’t seem like an appropriate name for something so pretty.  The bell shaped petals open and close daily with the rise and fall of the sun, and they have blanketed this otherwise dull brown lot with some cheerful color.

As I stepped out to the edge of the bluff I glanced back at my shadow and witnessed some fantastically long legs stretched out behind me.  The sun’s angle had instantly given me an additional 5 feet!  Winter sunlight angles produce outlandishly wacky and fun shadows.  I felt like part of the circus!  Take a look…


~ by maureenmoore on February 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “Lovely discovery”

  1. You’ve always been “larger than life” and your shadow knew this; thanks for my morning guffaw. Bacci, bacci ~Zia TFJ

  2. Thank you, tia! I like the way you think 🙂

  3. Ha! those are great. way to keep up with you “play”ful attitude.

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