I’m returning to the blog after a short absence.   Time must have slipped away from me but for the time being,  I’ve caught it. Tonight Europe ‘springs forward’ and we’ll both be on Daylight Savings Time together.  For awhile we were two weeks ahead of them in keeping the light switch on later.   Have you thought about this crazy notion of switching our clocks back and forth year each?  How does playing with the hands of time actually affect us?  Perhaps not at all, as it just might be an invention of our own minds-this idea of time.

I have, in fact, been able to enjoy walks to Pines Park at a later hour the past two weeks.  This truly is my favorite time of year.  Long live the light!  But imagine my life as a travel planner years ago; try coordinating flights, pick-ups, and appointments when all continents change the time on a different date, with Cuba deciding when and if on a year-to-year basis!

I can’t help but wonder  how and if the clash between our manipulation of the mechanical order of time unfolds upon the universe’s natural order of time.  A very superficial read about the Mayans and their relationship with time immediately shows how extreme our understanding of time is from that of a civilization whose universal knowledge  blows us out of the water. Time, in Mayan language, was not even represented by a word. There was no past, present, or future.  Time was now.  (Verb conjugations must have been so easy!  A language learner’s dream!)   This concept, potentially quite simple in theory, is in fact incredibly complex to comprehend as a 21st century human.  It’s a radical departure from anything we understand in today’s world. The power we afford time is astronomical.  Is it truly that worthy?

Time, in our culture, is something we don’t have enough of, something we try to buy, something we strive to beat, to race, to compete against, to defy.  Is it our greatest enemy?  Have we created something that only exists in our head?  A false reality?

Departing from this philosophical mind maze, I digress into something a bit lighter.  The Pisceans celebrated a few birthdays in the past month, among them, my dad’s and mine.  Because so many of you contributed to his lovely birthday book, I wanted to include a few pictures.

31, havin’ fun


~ by maureenmoore on March 27, 2010.

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