Looking above vs. looking ahead

Things are looking up.  The view outside my office- 2nd floor of the Central Library.

Do you ever notice what lies above you?

Caught in the future-our thoughts, our vision, our attention is pulled forever forward.  In doing so, we lose out on what is around us- above us, below us, along the periphery.  As crawling babies, we were forced to look up at the world around us.  As overworked, tech-crazed adults we are progressively curving our necks and heads down and out. Down and out. Doesn’t sound very healthy.

Lisbon’s ornately detailed ceilings that decorated the early 20th century apartments I lived in pulled my attention to what lie above.  With those exquisite ceilings resting above my eye’s natural view, I began to purposely start peering upward when walking into a new building to see if any of its ceilings managed to compete with the museum-like quality ones I had in my own apartment.   Framing my view through different angles was also something I learned to do through photography. Take what’s in view and shift it, slant it, point it up, down, view it in movement.   Sometimes the presence of something obvious will beckon our attention, but sometimes it’s just taking in what’s already there-the mundane, the normal, and giving it a different frame.  Try it.  And remember to look up.  There is inspiration everywhere.

Just dreamy-as viewed from my bed, once upon a time, in Lisbon.


~ by maureenmoore on May 2, 2010.

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