The city has been holding me captive over the past month.  From Rute’s visit from Portugal, to adventures downtown near my workplace to simple strolls around Silver Lake, the city has been treating me with its treasures.  Here’s a look…

Blossoms a plenty around the neighborhood. Have been visiting the local farmers’ markets as well.  From Thursday through Sunday, there are options in 5 different adjacent neighborhoods.  Of late, baby bok choy and nectarines.

Downtown outside the Orpheum, one of twelve (?) historic theatres in the neighborhood, the highest concentration per square mile in the entire country.  I might have botched that factual tidbit, but you can find out yourself by taking a downtown tour.  Mike The Poet once wound me through the streets, sharing his knowledge and singing…wouldn’t it be GRAND to HOPE there were FLOWERS on FIGUEROA.  How’s that for a GPS?   (He happens to be our guest at ALOUD tomorrow night.)

City hall, completed in 1928. The concrete contains sand from the beaches of California’s 58 counties. Architecture influenced by another beauty from the ’20s, Central Library.

Central Library, 1926. Pyramid of the Sun, light of learning. My office.

Standing tall.  Can you find the library?  The Goliath US Bank building is our neighbor- tallest building west of the Mississippi.  Photo taken last week by Gary Leonard.

A stroll through the Music Center and gardens after viewing “The Ring” at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.

Where the path leads you.  Urban art on Hope Street.

Where my street ends and the views begin.  Looking Northeast towards Glendale/Pasadena.


~ by maureenmoore on June 29, 2010.

One Response to “Cityscape”

  1. Love the pictures; and I even recognize some of them!
    I’ve been waiting for your posts again. Thanks for taking the time to write.

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