Eurythmics; Investing in talent; Inner City Arts

I was served a bit of creative inspiration for dinner tonight.  Happy hour at Inner City Arts– a non-profit arts space  in the middle of Skid Row, downtown Los Angeles.  The campus is an oasis of palm trees and sleek, clean architecture in an otherwise rough and grim neighborhood, home to the largest homeless population in the United States- many of which are children.  I.C.A. provides diverse arts programming for children in surrounding schools who are brought in for curriculum enrichment during the school day.

Tonight’s event was the kick-off for Social Media Week L.A., a worldwide event celebrating how social media is a participant in our lives- from business to health to spirituality.  Creative coach, educator and development consultant,  Sir Ken Robinson ignited the crowd- a handful of tall, skinny hipsters and other young professionals sporting black attire, with his humor and passion: investing in creativity.  Sir Ken’s mission is to transform the educational system through creativity- allowing it to lead the revolution.  Invest in your talent, he preaches.

Following his speech, he invited Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics to the stage.  After a short chat we were treated to a semi-acoustic set of improvisational jamming with Dave, a sexy Asian violinist and vocals from a confident black singer with hair to match.  They played some of those Eurythmics’ classics, “Missionary Man” and “Here Comes the Rain Again”.   Those tunes were formative songs in my childhood musical beginnings. Dad and I used to play air guitar in my room in the evenings- me with my foil-wrapped ruler for a mike and him coaching me through the lyrics.  We would rehearse Eurythmics and Starship songs for his company picnic air guitar competitions.  The lyrics are solidly placed in my memory.  Those moments of playfulness and improvisation are so memorable.   Tonight was a mix of joyful nostalgia for the past through this unexpected jam session with Dave Stewart but in the context of an unwritten future- this social media revolution-an age where we are seemingly connected like never before.  Like it or not, it is leading our tomorrow.  But we are the ones that can shape the connection into something more powerful than ourselves, connecting to a greater good, using it to ignite creativity and positive social outcomes.


~ by maureenmoore on September 20, 2010.

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