A new day in L.A.

Happy New Year!  I inaugurated the year with a move into a new apartment located on the opposite side of my old neighborhood.  The move has brought new discoveries that span the senses.  Birds of paradise in exotic orange greet me at the front entry, quacking ducks from the adjacent reservoir announce the rise of the sun, restaurants in Los Feliz christen my taste buds to savory culinary treats within walking distance, an absence of noctural skunks keep the olfactory stimulation at bay, and touch…well…perhaps touch is experienced in the ‘everything is within reach’ nature of a single studio apartment.  It’s all the space I need, the light and location are great, and despite only being 1 mile away from my old place, I’m already enamored with all of treasures at my doorstep.

May the new year stimulate your senses, beckon your curiosity, and invite you to new discoveries.

good symmetry. 1.1.11

view from the shower.  and am thankful for the bathtub.  don’t ever take them for granted.

the cleanest it will probably ever be.



~ by maureenmoore on January 15, 2011.

2 Responses to “A new day in L.A.”

  1. Congratulations, Mo, on your new place. The pictures of you and “it” are adorable. Seems like a good “fit” in every way–enjoy!

  2. Party it up Mo! Looks like it is a good fit for you and aren’t you looking oh so stylish! Keep the photos coming. AMJ

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