Mind travel

With summer quickly advancing forward, the memory of my most recent European vacation becomes tucked farther and farther away into the pockets of my jacket, the one that hangs in the same closet as the empty suitcase that accompanied me across the Atlantic this past spring.  I lament that the next journey is too far away to see, still formless and out of reach.  (Such a privilege to speak like this, yes, I know.  Yet these are simply the words of a true traveler, one that lives life always dreaming and ready for the next adventure.)   And yet most recently, I had an unexpected return visit to a place I’d visited years ago. I  traveled to Morocco again, by means of the below essay.  The images became vivid once again, the smells, the feeling of placing my feet on foreign land.   I realized (perhaps so tritely obvious) that through these words I afforded myself a second trip, and can place myself on those dusty roads of Al-Maghrib without even boarding a plane.  What a gift to be able to return to such richness through the exercise of recalling and writing a story.  Whether written or spoken, they allow us to venture back out to the unknown, to rediscover old places while introducing our friends to something new.

Aimless wanderings through the souk, Fes, Morocco
Photo by W.D. Zavala

 My Steamy Moroccan Bath

Eleven days here already and my muscles were still frozen and sore from continuous contraction in an attempt to resist zero degree Celsius temperatures.  My trusty Lonely Planet guide book certainly didn’t advise me about this.  It was winter, yes, but nature had thrown southwestern Europe a cold front curve ball and dropped snow at sea level.  Word on the street was that it hadn’t been this cold in 20 years. Add to that the otherwise beautiful architecture of this country and you have a deadly combo: Arctic-cold Arabic tile, no insulation or interior heating, and single-paned (often cracked) windows. It was one frigid country that February of 2005.   But I could see life flowing from my body.  With each exhale, my breath hovered in front of me everywhere I stepped, as if it were an evanescent guide.  I knew I was alive.

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~ by maureenmoore on August 13, 2011.

3 Responses to “Mind travel”

  1. When will your book come out?

    • Yes! Thanks for the encouragement (you’ll be the first to know!) Slowly disciplining myself to make writing a more regular part of my life…

  2. Can’t wait to hear (again!) how this venturre turns out! I laughed out loud remembering the first time you shared this tale with me. Love it!

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