Tumbling through the desert

Last weekend I journeyed off into the desert, the one where palms sway in gentle winter winds, where golden light hits reddish rock and colors the landscape a place of retreat, warmth, and open vistas.  Two good friends and I took to the desert with a special request from a colleague at work, a commission of sorts, as this colleague is a collector of all things intriguing, mystifying, and mundane.  I leave you simply with his words, and my ensuing fulfillment of the request (or lack thereof) and some photos of the beauty that was Palm Springs.  I must say there is a treasure-trove of pleasures behind many a moment working in the cultural arts!

The Message

Enjoy the desert, one of the great pleasures of living in California. I am very much hoping that you will see some tumbleweed and capture it and bring it to my office. I am very much needing a roundish tumbleweed (so often seen beside the roads in the desert) to have in my collection and to have rolling down the halls of the 4th floor offices when I must make my way to meetings with the LAPL staff. My dream is that a tumbleweed will blow through the door just before I make my appearance.

If you see a tumbling tumble weed, please put it in your trunk and I will trade you something quite wonderful in exchange……tempting? I hope so.

Ode to the Weed

tumbleweed oh tumbleweed when might you stumble upon my path?
i’ve contemplated your trajectory whilst relaxing in the desert’s mineral bath

i’ve wondered what unearths you from your rooted existence
and blows you onward against the winds of resistance

a clear night sky, waving palm tree and arid earth saluted my visit
but you, dear tumbleweed, have yet to reveal yourself to me,
a mighty foundation is sustaining all mystery.

and so i’ve concluded that your roots have not yet ripened, you and your brother weeds belong where you are-
from the desert you shall not be siphoned.

one day perhaps along this path you shall blow
and that day surely i shall know
that you, tumbleweed are mind to keep.

heading to the oasis

matthew & camille communing with nature on buddha’s belly

walking through murray canyon, formerly inhabited by the cahuilla native americans.
people inhabited this canyon for some 2,000 years and lived off of acorns, beans, wild seeds, wild fruit, agave, yucca.
the reservation was established in 1876 by ulysses s. grant.

seven sisters waterfall
too cold for a bath!  sourced from melted snow from mt. san jacinto- socal’s 2nd tallest mountain

 our bath looked something more like this.  what would a trip to the desert be without a djellaba?

hip ACE hotel, international film fest closing party, pool-side dj and star gazing, beautiful hike on sacred ground, picnic in an oasis, no tumbleweeds in sight and a closing dip in the desert hot springs mineral pools at the classic, if not somewhat dingy, miracle springs’ family friendly sister spa.  smooth sailing back into the city of angels less than 36 hours later.  quite a day spent outside of l.a. for team fun day.  (check the shirt!)


~ by maureenmoore on January 20, 2012.

One Response to “Tumbling through the desert”

  1. Even though you were unable to ‘capture’ a tumbleweed your thoughtful prose should give you credit with your colleague. And, I must say, discovering the Seven Sisters Waterfall has got to be a good sign if you remember the nomen given some of your family members. Also, love the djellaba! Great pictures too! ~jm

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