In Extremis

I had a Voodoo lunch break today in between the pre-event planning for the David Byrne and Trent Reznor program next weekend, drafting itinerary details for sci-fi great Ursula Le Guin, finalizing the ALOUD series archival podcast project, providing transcription guidance for a blogger, requesting images from Diego Luna and Gavin Newsom, editing a print ad, and consulting a writer on where to get help with the library’s menu collection.  Then throw in a few phone calls and e-mails that come flying so fast that unless you catch them in the moment they promise to lose their parachute and plunge to a bottomless pit of information that gathers endlessly, continuously, in plentitude, somewhere in my inbox.

This is a snapshot of the day-to-day in event production.  But within all of those details lie the sweet moments of meeting remarkable minds like Salman Rushdie, visiting a coffee farm in Santa Barbara, lunching with the folks behind the nation’s indy gaming festival,  sitting in the audience of a production honoring a Mexican anarchist, or visiting a Haitian art exhibit on my lunch break.  And that’s just in the past few weeks.

I’ve been so busy living it, I haven’t sat down to write it, reflect on it, synthesize it, internalize it and savor all of it.  My 3 month hiatus from the blog has not in the least been due to a lack of fascinating and intriguing things to write about.  Quite the contrary.

So committing to little snapshots is the aim with the forthcoming posts.  A way for me to savor, and to share.   (Even if it means typing a thought or two as the clock strikes midnight.)  Now it’s time for bed, time to fly with the voodoo angels into dream land and savor the colorful celebration of death and the afterlife that came alive through the contemporary Haitian artwork I saw earlier today at the Fowler museum’s exhibition, “In Extremis.”



~ by maureenmoore on October 4, 2012.

2 Responses to “In Extremis”

  1. Little snapshots sound good to me!

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