Stay Home and Read a Book Ball

Before I commemorate the evening, I realized I really needed to post about this novel event!  Today the Library Foundation celebrates the best “non-event” of the year and I encourage you to join us.  This is why it’s so great- you don’t need to go anywhere, talk to anyone, dress up, or worry about time.  Just cozy up with a great book and spend those Friday night date dollars with us- RSVP to this non-event right here.

Read up about what our author friends are saying about this Ball.  The second best part about it is that it directly funds the ALOUD program about which I so frequently write.  So thanks for being an audience.  Now join in!

Prepping for my next adventure…



~ by maureenmoore on March 1, 2013.

3 Responses to “Stay Home and Read a Book Ball”

  1. Great idea and a worthy cause. btw, your adventures never stop! ~jm

  2. Mark the date and time: Saturday, March 2, 7:58 a.m. TFJ is once and forever a trend setter as she’s attended approximately 17,520 “Stay Home and Read a Book” Balls and didn’t even know it . . .

    • TFJ you are so hip! And somehow I missed this comment when it came through. Hoping to take you through the labyrinth in The Last Bookstore very soon.

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