Central Anatolia. It sounds exactly like what it is: a far-off place where the earth looks other worldly. Fantastical earthen sculptures ascend from deep below, vying to keep their place in history. They are the true millennials.

This is the famed Cappadocia. Forget about trying to summarize the history- too layered, too deep. The footsteps of peoples who walked this land thousands of years ago are buried in the volcanic soils. And from this soil sprout fairy chimneys and cave houses. I lay my head down to bed each night in one of them. Thick stone walls shield the room from the sun and simple modifications to hundred-year-old structures accommodate the needs of a modern traveler. I touch the walls, hoping to transmit some of that history into my being. Perhaps sleeping within them is enough.

Each day we venture out to explore the landscape. Tonight’s journey took us through Rose Valley at dusk, named for the falling sun that colors the hills rose. The sun hadn’t yet fallen tonight, so I snapped this shot with my film camera.  It records the vintage blue and yellow hues of Central Anatolia. This is an ancient mansion, multi-leveled, complete with windows and doors, where the echo of history resounds across time.

Day 16 of 30; Postcards from Turkey


~ by maureenmoore on July 24, 2013.

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