(Not) Lost in Translation

cabinet of curios

It was late Friday afternoon, dusk on the horizon, and the folks at the Goreme farmers market were packing up. I’d just stepped out of the corner store where I’d found a few gifts for friends at home that could be easily packed into my bag: a tube of olive oil cream, a tiny glass jar of saffron and some apple tea. In turning the corner to head down the main street this mobile cabinet of curiosities opened itself to me. It’s outer doors like two arms extended to draw the eye into its core of magnificent parts, shelves of gadgets old and new were disorderly packed inside: power cords, hand vacs, tools and tape, fans and drills, cow bells strung front and center. At first glance I couldn’t tell if they were items for sale or if this was the handyman’s own mobile work station. Hesitant to appear nosy as I marveled at his artful collection of electric parts, I instead motioned to my camera asking to take a photo. He nodded unceremoniously and came around to the side to stand in front of his shelves to pose: humble and proud. We exchanged no words, just a common appreciation. If only I could send him the photo- the photo he’ll show to his grandchildren one day when they ask papa what his shop looked like.

Day 22 of 30; Postcards from Turkey


~ by maureenmoore on July 30, 2013.

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