A little little in the middle…

What would Turkey be without its waiters? I can’t help but grin when I look at this photo. Somehow I only made away with one (photo, not waiter), but had I documented all of the waiters we encountered, I’d have enough content for an entirely new round of posts. Hannah and I were convinced the Turkish Board of Tourism required all restaurants to hire clever, attractive Turks to serve up the delectable mezes with their home grown hospitality. This one was particularly special, so special we came back twice for him. Or the gozleme. He’ll never know which.

We were in Goreme with our friends at “Köy Evi” (Village House), a restaurant recommended by a local contact. It could have just as well been a recommendation for Serdar himself. This sweet young thing- he wouldn’t tell us his age- was a soccer star studying tourism in Keyseri, the main city in the region, and making some cash on the side with his stand up comedic shtick fashioned as food service. Our banter batted back and forth across the field, through the multi-course meal of veggie appetizers, gozleme entrees, and baklava dessert. It was a team of four foreigners up against his solo show. Word play with bits of shared vocab, misunderstandings and mispronunciations, all mixed in between the delivery of freshly baked bread and lentil soup. He’d repeat back after us, botching “Maureen” for “boring” and throwing in his own nonsensical rhymes like “a little little in the middle,” followed by bouts of shameless laughter. The boy was ready to trade his tips for tricks to fuel his way onto mastering the art of customer satisfaction.

He’d found fans in us at this Village House, a humble establishment with its patio dining and cozy blankets to keep the diners warm where local ladies rolled fresh dough onto their griddles to fill incoming orders of gozleme. We’d stuffed ourselves full with baskets of bread before our order had even arrived and still managed to make room for the freshly baked flatbread filled with sauteed spinach and indiscernible spices, grilled to mouth watering perfection. This meal was more than complete; it came with entertainment and a new friend, a çok güzel waiter: our local MVP.

Photo: Debarshi Das

Day 28 of 30; Postcards from Turkey


~ by maureenmoore on August 5, 2013.

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